One Chef, One Farmer, One Vision

Chef Kyle Panton and Farmer Curtis Penny got together with a shared vision of bringing local quality produce from seed, to the soil, to the table and came up with One Vision Farms. In 2023, a new chapter unfolded as Kyle and his wife Vanessa took over full control of the farm, embracing the legacy built by Chef Kyle and Farmer Curtis. Alongside their three kids, Sophia, Elizabeth, and Jackson, the Panton family continues the mission of One Vision Farms. With a commitment to cultivating the land in Belfast, PEI, they are dedicated to providing the community with the same high-quality, sustainable produce. While Chef Kyle brings his culinary expertise to create delightful dishes, Vanessa oversees the farm's operations, ensuring the legacy of One Vision Farms flourishes for generations to come. Join us in this culinary and agricultural journey as we bring the best from our land to your table, embracing the spirit of One Vision Farms.

Proudly Supplying the Following Restaurants